Reinventing the retro style

About us

A game studio based in Linköping, Sweden

Beartwigs was founded in Linköping after a couple of game jams involving their founders. The goal for the first product became to create an expansive adventure game to satisfy the passion for adventure and exploration, but since there were no suitable satisfying tools available for the development it was decided to innovate. As a consequence, Beartwigs is right now as much a technology company as it is a game studio.

Pillars of development

When Beartwigs was established, we setup three pillars to represent our product vision.

Gameplay first

We believe that immersive experiences come from the player's own incentive to overcome obstacles. Give them a challenge!

Go beyond the status quo

Excel at what we do by creating what we desire. Every individual of the team are passionate fans of the game markets we target.

Innovate and improve

Realising the best ideas requires innovation. If the technology does not exist, we create it!


Our Awesome Team

Sam Bloom

Module Exporter

Björn Detterfelt

Namespace Coordinator

Andréas Söderberg

Universal Graphical Genius (UGG)

Magnus Chirgwin

Chief Reverb Officer

Axel Björkqvist

Instrument Distributor

Victor Weidar

Dungeon Dwelver

Joshua Robbins

Pixel Assembler