What we are up to

Reinventing the Retro Style

The pixelart game scene is bigger and more mature than ever. At Beartwigs, we are working on how we take it further into the future.



How is it done

Modern development tools and technology

We work with the latest technology together with the most charming art styles. In order to achieve what we want, we are developing a new engine and a new set of tools.

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What we are working on

Our current pipeline

The software being developed side by side is the Candide Engine and its first title.


Head out on an adventure with your friends in this unannounced multiplayer survival game. Build an ancient Roman town, create the infrastructure, attract proficient civilians, defend against barbarians and challenge the gods.

Candide Engine

A modern 3D graphics engine for 2D retro style games. Includes tools for quickly creating 3D models from pixel art. Comes with an integrated level editor with real time testing for rapid game development.

About us

Who are we?

Beartwigs was created after a couple of game jams involving their founders at Linköping University. The vision became to create amazing innovative games and to have fun while developing. Beartwigs has offices in Ebbepark at the business incubator East Sweden Game.

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East Sweden Game

Beartwigs is part of the East Sweden Game business incubator

Ebbepark logo

Ebbepark, Linköping

Our current office space, making neighbours with other amazing developers

Accelerator certificate

ESG Accelerator

Certificate for participating in the ESG accelerator program